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No Knee-Jerk Response to ISIS!

DO I think President Obama’s response is weakening us… NO, I don’t.

As a military mother of one, soon to be TWO children (son is fighting for a medical waiver for the US Navy), this is one issue I follow VERY closely and will participate in LOUDLY and well-informed.

First things first. If we can’t afford to take care of our troops when they come home, then we CAN’T afford to go to war! PERIOD. Republicans voted against benefits and aid for our combat vets not once but THREE times over the past several years. How can ANY self-respecting American even THINK about sending more in until we’ve confronted those politicians on THAT issue? What guarantee do we have that they won’t discard them like rag dolls again should we need to send them back into that hell hole?

Secondly, President Obama’s refusal to dance to the beat of the Republican war drums is not making us weaker, it is making us stronger. Our enemy KNOWS that the best way to hurt us is not by flying airplanes into buildings, but by hitting us in our pocketbook and creating division. We’ve accomplished the latter pretty well, on our own…doncha think? Making sure we are able to economically sustain the reaction to whatever action we take is paramount.

Any POTUS that does NOT react with a knee-jerk response to a situation that has the potential of costing us billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of American troops is a good thing.

ISIS is not our every day average terrorist threat. They’re well organized and well funded and extremely brutal. So brutal in fact, that even Al Quaida has disavowed any relationship with them. They’re exploiting the hell out of the power vacuum created when we left, the ongoing civil war in Syria, and the hostility between the different Muslim factions. Unlike other terrorist groups, when ISIS takes over a town they also take over as a governing power bringing food and other services. Like I Said, well organized… And I haven’t even touched on the humanitarian crisis which is already in effect as over 1 million people have fled the fighting. That’s on us as well. The US response to this threat has to be meticulously planned. WE have to have a clearly defined exit-strategy as we can NOT afford to occupy Iraq for another 10+ years.

Anything less than that is nothing more than political grandstanding and would be exploiting the emotions and the ignorance of citizens who do not fully understand the threat we face with ISIS.