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Attention Conservative Christians: You want God back in our Nation? Start with Yourselves.

This message is for those “Christians” who say they want God “back” in our nation. Although I no longer label myself a Christian as I refuse to align myself with such hate and hypocrisy that now accompanies that label. I believe this message is appropriate at this time.

Recently I read a news story about a yet another southern town that had voted to inscribe the words “In God We Trust” on a public building.  Supporters of this action were all Conservative “Christians” who believe that we need to “put God back into our country”.

Honestly, I didn’t know He left.

Also, which version based on which interpretation of which Bible are we putting back? And who gets to decide?

In-God-We-Trust-SlideIt appears that a great deal of folks who think they’re Christians believe that God has been removed from our nation and the only way to get Him back is to splash “In God We Trust” on public buildings everywhere, or to force Christian prayer at public gatherings and government meetings. They try to make laws that allow REAL Christians the right to discriminate and ostracize anyone that disagrees with them or lives differently. And oh yes… ONLY Christian leaders who will make laws that are based on the Christian Bible. So much for the Constitution or Democracy.  The Christian right has decided that we should be a theocracy.

I guess if God sees all that He’ll come back regardless of how His followers behave or treat others. All it takes is some words on a building and laws and BANG! He’s as good as back.

Um…I don’t think so.

Christians Conservatives in America have totally missed the most important part of the Bible which they love to cherry pick when arguing their points.

God. The Creator. Whatever you refer to Him as, is NOT some external force waiting for signs on buildings to show up… if you REALLY knew your Bible as well as you insist you do, then you would know this.

The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to.

Then came these striking words:

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

“Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” 1 John 4:4

You want to know why God seems to be absent to so MANY of you? I’ll tell you why.

angrybible-shutterstockGod is UNABLE to live in the hardened hearts of such vile, hate-filled, hypocritical, bigoted, fear-filled, monsters that call themselves Christian. There’s NO ROOM for Him in your hearts! It’s filled with the hate of the world and untested, unverified, beliefs that you’ve adopted and believe to be true.

God isn’t absent to all of us and to those that think He is, It’s not because we don’t put words on a building, display the 10 Commandment in public places, or because we don’t force people to pray at public gatherings and government meetings. It’s because you’ve replaced Him in your heart, with hate. If you were to meet Jesus Christ today, you’d reject him as a scummy Liberal.  And THAT’S a FACT. You stand for everything He was not.

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 7:21-23; 25:11, that MANY would be self-deceived. It doesn’t say that a FEW will be deceived, but MANY.

YOU are part of the MANY Jesus refers to as being deceived.  I’ll bet you right now, at this very moment, you are thinking of the most hateful response you can to that statement. Am I right?  If so, your hate is what drives you…not the love of our Creator.

You, the one calling for GOD to be put BACK in government, schools, laws, etc. are unable to see Him because your hate has blinded you. And instead of shutting your mouths and opening your hearts, you let the hate continue to drive and guide you. You’re not the “Light upon the hill” (Mat.5:14) you were expected to be, quite the opposite in fact. Outside of the walls you’ve built around yourselves, more and more people are turning away because they don’t want to be associated with so much ignorance and hate.

When did you forget that God wants to be INVITED into man’s heart and not forced via laws or you insisting that YOUR version of Him be crammed down everyone’s throat?

imagesYou’ve listened to wolves in sheep’s clothing in the form of politicians and preachers tell you what you SHOULD be thinking. You started thinking it with no testing or verification of the facts or even observation to see if it was a love based directive or if it was a directive to get you to hate others based on a difference of beliefs or to earn a vote.  You’ve been conditioned this way so that you can be CONTROLLED and exploited.  And it worked! How often do you actually TEST or VERIFY what the people you listen to for guidance, faith or politics, say?

Based on the behavior of almost ALL of the Christians I know, the answer to that question would be NEVER.  You just take it at face value and believe it.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4

Instead of blaming yourselves for your failure to walk the talk you preach, you’ll blame everyone else or accuse them of not being “real Christians”. Right?

You are responsible for what you CHOOSE to believe and no one else. And YOU are responsible for the actions and words that have caused SO MANY to flee and reject ANY message from God. Your churches are not growing, they’re consolidating.

Wonder why?

corpsponsorsYou support the money changers, the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees and worship the people in your pulpits and on your televisions and talk radio shows. They fill that place in your heart that USED to belong to God, with hate and dissension and they do it with mis-interpreted Bible scriptures and twisted words to help you justify it. And it’s easier to hate your enemy than it is to try and love them. To people like yourselves, the hate is comfortable now.

You’ve twisted and cherry picked your Bible to allow demeaning and subjugation of women and children because the man in the pulpit and the “Christian” politicians use the Bible to manipulate you. You know it’s wrong, but you allow fear and ignorance to be your guide.

You support politicians and corporations that destroy our planet.

You use MAN MADE religion to justify hating others because they are different. God didn’t create religion MAN did. History is there for you to study and test, but you refuse to do it. You simply take the word of the person in the pulpit with no question because you’re afraid of what you’ve been told will happen if you question it.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

You’ve abandon the message of your Savior and stopped reading the red words. Those denoted quotations direct you to love your enemies and one another, feed the poor, shelter the homeless and instead you search for scripture that justifies your hate and intolerance. You twist it to fit your vile position. You help evil men wipe out years of progress for the minorities among us and piously believe that that’s OK.  Somewhere in your version of Christianity, you’ve come to believe that you’re better than others.

punditsYou glue yourselves to Fox News pundits and hate-talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, all paid by the thieves sent to rob you, and you absorb every misinterpreted, ungodly, word and directive and then live it to the max.

You hate everything and everyone they told you to hate. You believe their lies and when people who care about you try to show you the truth, you hate them too.

You’ve taken politicians at face value and simply believe them when they say they are “good Christians” even while their actions past and present, prove they are anything but! You continue to believe them without question because the hatred in your heart prevents you from doing anything else.

You spread false stories, rumors, and gossip about people with Liberal or different views, never stopping long enough to actually see what it is you hate, or to listen to what THEY believe. All you know is that Sean Hannity said they’re evil, so they must be.

You now live to hate instead of living to love. And your pride prevents you from even seeing it. And you wonder WHY it seems to YOU like God is absent from our Nation?

YOU follow blindly and resent those of us who refuse too.

The same people that control you with fear have convinced you that you should NEVER question anything about the Bible.  They’ll tell you what its true meaning is and what you should believe. You put more faith in man than you do a Creator that gave you a brain, discernment, and the directive to question and test EVERYTHING. You vehemently defend your failure in this area and insult those who DO test everything and measure it with discernment. You become combative with those who have found some things to be lacking or untrue.

images (1)REAL Christians don’t sit back and watch and even support groups of men and women hell bent on destroying our nation. Real Christians don’t put the “right” for every wacko to have a gun over the lives of innocent people. Real Christians NEVER support politicians who claim to be Godly, but continue to punish the poor, needy, elderly and Veterans while making their rich friends richer.

Real Christians test these things and fight for those unable to fight for themselves. They do it without telling everyone how Christian they are.

There is NO sign of God within those that support a political party that claims to be Christian, but whose EVERY actions are anything but. God SURELY isn’t residing within people that support the same politicians that have convinced them that the poor and needy are to blame and shouldn’t be helped unless they help themselves.  Jesus never screened the people He helped, not even the Roman Centurion, or the prostitute, or the lepers. He just helped them. The ones who keep proclaiming that they’re Christian and want God back in their nation are nothing more than tools for the evil among us. They allow their ignorance to be exploited while they’re used to further an evil agenda that they failed to test because the enemy slapped the God label on it.

YOU were given the responsibility of The Great Commission.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations Matthew 28:16-20

And you’ve failed miserably. People are fleeing the church in record numbers and rejecting the message you were given to carry into the world. And you only have yourselves to blame because God no longer lives within YOU.

Instead of listening to those who disagree with you to try to understand what went wrong, you continue to follow the most evil among you while refusing to believe that it is YOU who has removed God from our nation. it is not the liberals, or the Muslims, or the non-believers.  It’s YOU, the ones that boast loudest about being Christian.

HE that is IN the WORLD now takes the place of HE who should own your heart.

You sold your hearts to Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Rielly and the ones who fill your pulpits with recycled, watered down messages filled with misinterpreted scriptures that tell you it’s OK to hate.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.  1 John 4

You failed to test the spirits as your Savior directed you to do and then you wonder why God is nowhere to be found. If He can’t be found in the heart of those who claim to follow him devoutly, then words on a building and public prayers and forced laws isn’t going to bring Him back.

I believe that most of you reading this are too far gone to truly hear the message, instead you’re probably thinking of what “the other guy did” to take God out of our nation… right? To that I say… EXAMINE he that is in you….   One of two things can be found. The first is love and an open heart prepared to listen, the other is hate and pride that needs to “defend” against what has been said.

You want God back in your nation? How about you invite him back into your own hearts first? You might find that He never left for many of us… you simply couldn’t see Him through your hate. If the politicians who’ve won your support have promised to “bring God back into the nation” you might want to remind yourself that the only one who can bring God back IS YOU! There isn’t a politician alive that can deliver on that promise.



In closing, I’d like to share my reason for leaving the church and rejecting most of its followers.   I was in Christian ministry for 11 years, wrote several books and ran a large online community for women in need.

After 11 years of dealing with people who claimed to be Christ like and watching them do things that were anything BUT Christ like, I walked away from all of it. I found that today’s church isn’t serving God. False followers are filled with hate and fear and driven by profound ignorance. Pastors continue to re-dress the same messages and they are no longer attracting people they are simply retaining them. Young people find no hope in the Christian message being spread today. 

I align myself with Liberal views because they compliment my mission to help others regardless of their ability to help themselves. I question tradition because tradition isn’t always a good thing and when it isn’t I fight to change it. I refuse to let predator politicians distract me with moral issues that have no business in politics while they rape my country and enslave my countrymen to their wealthy corporate masters.  I believe that as a citizen of this nation it’s my responsibility to help those in need when I can. I believe that our country is a country of laws based on The Constitution and politicians did NOT put their hands on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible, they put their hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. I believe that everyone has the right to worship who they want and none of us has the right to force it on the rest of us. 

I believe in fighting for the basic human rights of those coming to our country the same way someone fought for the rights of my descendants to be here. I love my imperfect government because it has done me right more than it has done me wrong. I’ll continue to work to improve it because that’s my responsibility as an American.

I don’t look forward to or believe in a Christian Armageddon when the world will end because I love this world and most things in it and I love my life and most people in it. The following comes close to what I stand for.