Please read before you proceed.

This blog may contain profanity, emotional outbursts, insults, a spelling or grammatical error here and there and the occasional offensive post. It’s not a place for the light-hearted. You’ve been warned.

The sole purpose of the Southern Blueberry platform is to talk about the political state of the Southern states. You might not agree with everything written here, but you DO have to follow the rules.

This is NOT a forum for you to share your unverified, debunked, conspiracy theories. If you want to participate, leave your tinfoil hat at the door. Any anti-government, anti-police, rhetoric will be met with an immediate ban. We don’t let seditious traitors participate in the discussion and we treat them accordingly.

If you take the time to hear/read what I have to say on an issue with an open mind, I’ll maybe take the time to do the same with you provided you follow the above rule about sources. Contrary to what our political leaders say, I believe many of us can meet in the middle on most issues. I’m willing to try.

And finally, if you don’t like what I have to say, fine. Disagree with me, but threats will be copied and forwarded to the proper authorities.