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Attention Conservative Christians: You want God back in our Nation? Start with Yourselves.

This message is for those “Christians” who say they want God “back” in our nation. Although I no longer label myself a Christian as I refuse to align myself with such hate and hypocrisy that now accompanies that label. I believe this message is appropriate at this time.

Recently I read a news story about a yet another southern town that had voted to inscribe the words “In God We Trust” on a public building.  Supporters of this action were all Conservative “Christians” who believe that we need to “put God back into our country”.

Honestly, I didn’t know He left.

Also, which version based on which interpretation of which Bible are we putting back? And who gets to decide?

In-God-We-Trust-SlideIt appears that a great deal of folks who think they’re Christians believe that God has been removed from our nation and the only way to get Him back is to splash “In God We Trust” on public buildings everywhere, or to force Christian prayer at public gatherings and government meetings. They try to make laws that allow REAL Christians the right to discriminate and ostracize anyone that disagrees with them or lives differently. And oh yes… ONLY Christian leaders who will make laws that are based on the Christian Bible. So much for the Constitution or Democracy.  The Christian right has decided that we should be a theocracy.

I guess if God sees all that He’ll come back regardless of how His followers behave or treat others. All it takes is some words on a building and laws and BANG! He’s as good as back.

Um…I don’t think so.

Christians Conservatives in America have totally missed the most important part of the Bible which they love to cherry pick when arguing their points.

God. The Creator. Whatever you refer to Him as, is NOT some external force waiting for signs on buildings to show up… if you REALLY knew your Bible as well as you insist you do, then you would know this.

The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to.

Then came these striking words:

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

“Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” 1 John 4:4

You want to know why God seems to be absent to so MANY of you? I’ll tell you why.

angrybible-shutterstockGod is UNABLE to live in the hardened hearts of such vile, hate-filled, hypocritical, bigoted, fear-filled, monsters that call themselves Christian. There’s NO ROOM for Him in your hearts! It’s filled with the hate of the world and untested, unverified, beliefs that you’ve adopted and believe to be true.

God isn’t absent to all of us and to those that think He is, It’s not because we don’t put words on a building, display the 10 Commandment in public places, or because we don’t force people to pray at public gatherings and government meetings. It’s because you’ve replaced Him in your heart, with hate. If you were to meet Jesus Christ today, you’d reject him as a scummy Liberal.  And THAT’S a FACT. You stand for everything He was not.

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 7:21-23; 25:11, that MANY would be self-deceived. It doesn’t say that a FEW will be deceived, but MANY.

YOU are part of the MANY Jesus refers to as being deceived.  I’ll bet you right now, at this very moment, you are thinking of the most hateful response you can to that statement. Am I right?  If so, your hate is what drives you…not the love of our Creator.

You, the one calling for GOD to be put BACK in government, schools, laws, etc. are unable to see Him because your hate has blinded you. And instead of shutting your mouths and opening your hearts, you let the hate continue to drive and guide you. You’re not the “Light upon the hill” (Mat.5:14) you were expected to be, quite the opposite in fact. Outside of the walls you’ve built around yourselves, more and more people are turning away because they don’t want to be associated with so much ignorance and hate.

When did you forget that God wants to be INVITED into man’s heart and not forced via laws or you insisting that YOUR version of Him be crammed down everyone’s throat?

imagesYou’ve listened to wolves in sheep’s clothing in the form of politicians and preachers tell you what you SHOULD be thinking. You started thinking it with no testing or verification of the facts or even observation to see if it was a love based directive or if it was a directive to get you to hate others based on a difference of beliefs or to earn a vote.  You’ve been conditioned this way so that you can be CONTROLLED and exploited.  And it worked! How often do you actually TEST or VERIFY what the people you listen to for guidance, faith or politics, say?

Based on the behavior of almost ALL of the Christians I know, the answer to that question would be NEVER.  You just take it at face value and believe it.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4

Instead of blaming yourselves for your failure to walk the talk you preach, you’ll blame everyone else or accuse them of not being “real Christians”. Right?

You are responsible for what you CHOOSE to believe and no one else. And YOU are responsible for the actions and words that have caused SO MANY to flee and reject ANY message from God. Your churches are not growing, they’re consolidating.

Wonder why?

corpsponsorsYou support the money changers, the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees and worship the people in your pulpits and on your televisions and talk radio shows. They fill that place in your heart that USED to belong to God, with hate and dissension and they do it with mis-interpreted Bible scriptures and twisted words to help you justify it. And it’s easier to hate your enemy than it is to try and love them. To people like yourselves, the hate is comfortable now.

You’ve twisted and cherry picked your Bible to allow demeaning and subjugation of women and children because the man in the pulpit and the “Christian” politicians use the Bible to manipulate you. You know it’s wrong, but you allow fear and ignorance to be your guide.

You support politicians and corporations that destroy our planet.

You use MAN MADE religion to justify hating others because they are different. God didn’t create religion MAN did. History is there for you to study and test, but you refuse to do it. You simply take the word of the person in the pulpit with no question because you’re afraid of what you’ve been told will happen if you question it.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

You’ve abandon the message of your Savior and stopped reading the red words. Those denoted quotations direct you to love your enemies and one another, feed the poor, shelter the homeless and instead you search for scripture that justifies your hate and intolerance. You twist it to fit your vile position. You help evil men wipe out years of progress for the minorities among us and piously believe that that’s OK.  Somewhere in your version of Christianity, you’ve come to believe that you’re better than others.

punditsYou glue yourselves to Fox News pundits and hate-talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, all paid by the thieves sent to rob you, and you absorb every misinterpreted, ungodly, word and directive and then live it to the max.

You hate everything and everyone they told you to hate. You believe their lies and when people who care about you try to show you the truth, you hate them too.

You’ve taken politicians at face value and simply believe them when they say they are “good Christians” even while their actions past and present, prove they are anything but! You continue to believe them without question because the hatred in your heart prevents you from doing anything else.

You spread false stories, rumors, and gossip about people with Liberal or different views, never stopping long enough to actually see what it is you hate, or to listen to what THEY believe. All you know is that Sean Hannity said they’re evil, so they must be.

You now live to hate instead of living to love. And your pride prevents you from even seeing it. And you wonder WHY it seems to YOU like God is absent from our Nation?

YOU follow blindly and resent those of us who refuse too.

The same people that control you with fear have convinced you that you should NEVER question anything about the Bible.  They’ll tell you what its true meaning is and what you should believe. You put more faith in man than you do a Creator that gave you a brain, discernment, and the directive to question and test EVERYTHING. You vehemently defend your failure in this area and insult those who DO test everything and measure it with discernment. You become combative with those who have found some things to be lacking or untrue.

images (1)REAL Christians don’t sit back and watch and even support groups of men and women hell bent on destroying our nation. Real Christians don’t put the “right” for every wacko to have a gun over the lives of innocent people. Real Christians NEVER support politicians who claim to be Godly, but continue to punish the poor, needy, elderly and Veterans while making their rich friends richer.

Real Christians test these things and fight for those unable to fight for themselves. They do it without telling everyone how Christian they are.

There is NO sign of God within those that support a political party that claims to be Christian, but whose EVERY actions are anything but. God SURELY isn’t residing within people that support the same politicians that have convinced them that the poor and needy are to blame and shouldn’t be helped unless they help themselves.  Jesus never screened the people He helped, not even the Roman Centurion, or the prostitute, or the lepers. He just helped them. The ones who keep proclaiming that they’re Christian and want God back in their nation are nothing more than tools for the evil among us. They allow their ignorance to be exploited while they’re used to further an evil agenda that they failed to test because the enemy slapped the God label on it.

YOU were given the responsibility of The Great Commission.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations Matthew 28:16-20

And you’ve failed miserably. People are fleeing the church in record numbers and rejecting the message you were given to carry into the world. And you only have yourselves to blame because God no longer lives within YOU.

Instead of listening to those who disagree with you to try to understand what went wrong, you continue to follow the most evil among you while refusing to believe that it is YOU who has removed God from our nation. it is not the liberals, or the Muslims, or the non-believers.  It’s YOU, the ones that boast loudest about being Christian.

HE that is IN the WORLD now takes the place of HE who should own your heart.

You sold your hearts to Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Rielly and the ones who fill your pulpits with recycled, watered down messages filled with misinterpreted scriptures that tell you it’s OK to hate.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.  1 John 4

You failed to test the spirits as your Savior directed you to do and then you wonder why God is nowhere to be found. If He can’t be found in the heart of those who claim to follow him devoutly, then words on a building and public prayers and forced laws isn’t going to bring Him back.

I believe that most of you reading this are too far gone to truly hear the message, instead you’re probably thinking of what “the other guy did” to take God out of our nation… right? To that I say… EXAMINE he that is in you….   One of two things can be found. The first is love and an open heart prepared to listen, the other is hate and pride that needs to “defend” against what has been said.

You want God back in your nation? How about you invite him back into your own hearts first? You might find that He never left for many of us… you simply couldn’t see Him through your hate. If the politicians who’ve won your support have promised to “bring God back into the nation” you might want to remind yourself that the only one who can bring God back IS YOU! There isn’t a politician alive that can deliver on that promise.



In closing, I’d like to share my reason for leaving the church and rejecting most of its followers.   I was in Christian ministry for 11 years, wrote several books and ran a large online community for women in need.

After 11 years of dealing with people who claimed to be Christ like and watching them do things that were anything BUT Christ like, I walked away from all of it. I found that today’s church isn’t serving God. False followers are filled with hate and fear and driven by profound ignorance. Pastors continue to re-dress the same messages and they are no longer attracting people they are simply retaining them. Young people find no hope in the Christian message being spread today. 

I align myself with Liberal views because they compliment my mission to help others regardless of their ability to help themselves. I question tradition because tradition isn’t always a good thing and when it isn’t I fight to change it. I refuse to let predator politicians distract me with moral issues that have no business in politics while they rape my country and enslave my countrymen to their wealthy corporate masters.  I believe that as a citizen of this nation it’s my responsibility to help those in need when I can. I believe that our country is a country of laws based on The Constitution and politicians did NOT put their hands on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible, they put their hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. I believe that everyone has the right to worship who they want and none of us has the right to force it on the rest of us. 

I believe in fighting for the basic human rights of those coming to our country the same way someone fought for the rights of my descendants to be here. I love my imperfect government because it has done me right more than it has done me wrong. I’ll continue to work to improve it because that’s my responsibility as an American.

I don’t look forward to or believe in a Christian Armageddon when the world will end because I love this world and most things in it and I love my life and most people in it. The following comes close to what I stand for. 



Jeremy Faison :: Predator Politician or Just Incompetent?

This article is part of a multi-part series on the politicians representing the east Tennessee region. To return to the main page of this series. Click here.

 Jeremy Faison “The Conservative”

I started my research with Jeremy Faison (R) District 11.

Jeremy FaisonI want to like the guy, I really do. He’s likable, but my experience tells me that he’s just another under educated, misinformed, party-first politician.  My research, and his LACK of any substantial effort and actions shows me that he’s not FOR the people he’s been elected to represent.


This guy is a party politics first, people and country second kind of politician. 

Don’t let the charismatic personality, raised on a farm, dedicated “man of God”, and devoted family man facade fool you. In my opinion, Jeremy Faison has done little or nothing to improve the lives of those he represents.

Faison represents District 11 in east Tennessee which includes Cocke, Greene, and Jefferson counties. District 11 is one of the poorest in the state. My focus for this essay is mainly Cocke County. In Cocke County, about one-third of the constituency receives food stamps and or other government assistance.

Faison does little to hide his contempt for people with progressive views as well as those who receive government assistance which is kind of ironic since he “represents” one of the poorest districts in the state. Additionally, his ignorance and lack of political savvy make him unaware of the fact that regardless of which party he falls in line with, he is still responsible and accountable to ALL of his constituents, regardless of their party affiliation and stance on the issues. It’s his JOB to listen to EVERYONE he represents. Instead, using conspiracy theories and extremist propaganda, he manipulates people to work against their own best interest and that of their families and hopes that those of us who know better will simply go away if he ignores us hard enough. And all the while, he continues to do a whole lot of nothing for the people of Cocke County. We continue to be steeped in poverty,  poor education, and limited health care options. Our meth problem is an embarrassment and it seems as if we’re regressing instead of moving forward.

His campaign slogan is: “Your ears at home, your voice in Nashville”

Ears at home?  I call bullshit on that statement. And the only one he seems to be a voice for is the gun lobby. I haven’t read ONE bill that he’s sponsored to improve or advance education and he’s AGAINST healthcare per his voting record and the rhetoric he spews!

Ears at home…HA! I, as well as many others, have personally approached Faison on numerous occasions and asked him questions about serious issues like education, jobs, and healthcare, specifically women’s healthcare issues. To date, I’ve never gotten a straight answer to any of my questions and it seems I’m not alone.

Mr. Faison has a reputation for avoiding those questions that require him to have solid answers about THE most important issues. You know, answers that people NEED in order to make their lives better.  Instead, he skirts the issue or worse…several people I’ve talked to have claimed that he simply walks away from the person asking the question without responding at all.

So much for “Ears at home”

And don’t try and gain any insight by visiting his Facebook or Twitter pages because all you’ll find there is rhetoric and conspiracy theory based opinions and the requisite Bible scriptures, and prop shots with flags and kids and descriptions of his perfect life and reflections of his perfect ideology that ALL  predator politicians use to convince their followers that they are good, wholesome, God-fearing “Christians” even though their actions prove otherwise.

Mr. Faison cloaks himself in the “Southern, Christian, 2nd Amendment defending, Constitution protecting, pro-life, Conservative” persona while supporting extremist, anti-government, anti-police, nut-jobs like Anthony Gucciardi (see the video on Faisons website under Disarmed: A History of Gun Control) who follows even bigger nut job, Alex Jones…

Yes, THAT Alex Jones, hero of the Las Vegas Cop Killers, Jared and Amanda Miller who ambushed two young police officers eating lunch as well as an innocent citizen who attempted to stop them. Take some time and research the ideology of Anthony Gucciardi.

Is a person who aligns himself with these types of people who we really want representing us in this district?  This is not representative of the ideology of most people in Cocke County, people that pride themselves for being humble, hospitable, faith filled, tradition loving, and caring about ones neighbors. Our police are our friends and many of us know our officers well and love and care for them like family members. We DON’T align ourselves with people who wish to do our police officers harm, EVER!

To get a clear picture of what Faison believes, just listen to him spout off his unverified, completely false,  liberal conspiracies about the coming Obama communism plot to destroy the country (it’s been 6 years since this rumor began). He claims to be “pro-life”, but is really pro-birth with a side of “let me invade your vagina and tell you what to do with your body based on my warped religious beliefs”. If that doesn’t do it for you, ask him his stance about gay children bullied to the point of suicide where his comments put him on the national map for being one of the biggest douche bags to ever get elected, earning a spot right next to the even bigger douche, Stacey Campfield.

Go ahead, Google it and see for yourself. Here’s just ONE of many links to the story as well as a video of Faison making a total ass out of himself. Check out the guy in the background as he listens to Faison alienate a few thousand voters.


“We can’t continue to legislate everything. We’ve had some horrible things happen in America and in our state, and there’s children that have actually committed suicide, but I will submit to you today that they did not commit suicide because of somebody bullying them. They committed suicide because they were not instilled the proper principles of where their self-esteem came from at home.” – Jeremy Faison

So basically, with his VERY limited education, Jeremy was able to diagnose a troubled child he’s NEVER met, with no observation, mixed with EXTREMELY warped beliefs. From now on, if any of your children are bullied in school or elsewhere, it’s your fault because you didn’t instill the proper principles or self-esteem.  It’s NOT the bullies fault…obviously if they were confident enough to be a bully, they must have been instilled with the proper principles. It takes a LOT of self-esteem to bully another person. A LOT!

Why isn’t this guy on Dr. Phil?

I’m not sure which version of Christianity Jeremy distorted to accommodate those views, but it doesn’t reflect the Christian values of the people in Cocke County that I know. Actually, many of the people I’ve talked with had NO IDEA that Faison made such incredibly cruel and heartless remarks and were appalled when they actually saw it for themselves.

It was only after unprecedented backlash that Fasion issued an apology.

“After reviewing my comments on the House Floor today, I regret what was a poor choice of words. My true intent was to protect children from becoming criminals. Suicide has touched my family, and I would never want a parent or family member to feel they were responsible for such an unimaginable tragedy.” 

As is the case with ALL predator politicians, Faison exploits the ignorance of the people in his district by emotionally firing them up and distracting them with the least important issues facing Cocke County citizens. He uses fear mongering and debunked conspiracy theories about the big, bad, liberal, government coming for your guns and Bibles. He tells people that their suffering isn’t a result of his blatant incompetence, distorted, hate motivated, views and LACK of action, but that those gun hating, Commie, Socialist, liberal bastards are to blame.

This asshat bases his entire platform on misinforming his constituents with DEBUNKED information and conspiracy theories KNOWING that they will most likely never check the facts and when he’s confronted with someone who DOES actually check the facts, he ignores them and walks away.

Jeremy avoids addressing SERIOUS issues, like how Tennessee ranks at the top of the list for poverty, unemployment, low wages, worst healthcare, corruption, domestic abuse, obesity, meth addiction, crime, lack of education, and low information voters. And let’s not forget high teen pregnancy and repeat teen pregnancy rates, highest tax on FOOD,  and especially the fact that Tennessee residents also receive the most in government assistance like food stamps. This is because politicians like him are too busy whoring themselves out to the NRA and big corporations.  They’re too busy playing party politics to actually DO ANYTHING about the decades old problems that continue to plague our state and our county.  He has the balls to blame liberals for these issues.

Um.. the last time I checked, Tennessee has a MAJORITY of REPUBLICANS in the legislature.

And get this… Conservative politicians charge some of the poorest people in the country 9.75% on their groceries and have for years, and Liberals are to blame? So… how exactly does that work? Did the Liberals force you to enact that tax? Is there a reason why in all of your Chritianness you are unable to repeal such a harsh tax on the most needy and vulnerable in our country? Or could it be that the corporate welfare you’ve given to so many companies that have cost the people of Tennessee MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenue has to be made up some way?  Put it on the backs of the poor, working class, and the ignorant and then blame the other guy.

VERY, VERY Biblical. I’m trying to see Christ in that, but seriously, I’ve got nothing.

Seems to me that Mr. Faison either doesn’t understand the basic concepts of economics, doesn’t care, or simply doesn’t want his constituency to know what a colossal failure he and his fellow conservatives have been. The best way to distract his constituents from his failures and lack of action is to fire them up over non-issues like guns and religion and fleece them while they’re looking the other way.  Isn’t that what he’s basically allowing and participating in? All while openly despising the very people he’s oppressing, but promising to work for? How is this in any of our best interest? How is this making Cocke County a better place? How has this helped the people help themselves?

Electing this guy was like opening the door to the hen-house and letting the fox in.

Faison has made no bones about his hate for “Social Justice”. To hear him speak, you’d come away believing that he despises those who are less fortunate and need help to literally survive. This makes me wonder WHY he chose to represent one of the poorest districts in the state.

The poverty rate in Cocke County hovers around 26% with unemployment hovering at around 7.7%. As of June 2014, there are 11,480 people in Cocke County receiving SNAP (food stamps), that’s UP over 150 people since he took office and accounts for almost ONE THIRD of the population in our county.  The rest of his district hasn’t fared much better.

Faison has been overheard verbalizing his total disdain for those who receive welfare assistance. He represents 3 counties in which over a THIRD of the population receives food stamps but he despises those that receive said help. You can verify those statistics directly with the Tennessee Department of Human Services by clicking here.

He makes no bones about his feelings on the matter and even went so far as to post them on his Facebook page a while back in which a reader copied and then wrote a letter to the Newport Plain Talk about. Faison removed the post shortly after the paper made it public.

His post which was later taken down said:

“My dislike for “social justice” is growing! What ever happened to…?

Don’t work? Don’t eat!

You broke it? You fix it!

Parents… Take care of your children!

Children…. Obey your parents!”

You can read the full letter to the NPT which includes a continuation of his bizarre rant by clicking here.

His beliefs are Don’t work? don’t eat!”  

How very Christ like.  And how many of you have heard this rhetoric from him and other “Conservatives” and adopted it as your own belief? How will you twist the Bible to accommodate such a VILE attitude towards people? And what part of that reflects Christ?

What about the people that DO work, but are unable to make ends meet? Like Veterans, the elderly, and those unable to work. And what about those who work for companies like  Wal-Mart and still can’t afford to make ends meet? The company makes more than most of the American population COMBINED, but still pays their employees poverty wages and WE the PEOPLE supplement them with our tax dollars via food stamps and healthcare. Do they count? Or does he just see everyone who receives food stamps as lazy slackers? One third of the county is an awful lot of lazy slackers. And I wonder if he splashes that dashing smile across his face when he speaks to those slackers who receive food stamps in order to win a vote?

Why hasn’t Jeremy stood up against corporate welfare queens like Wal-Mart to demand better pay for those he represents?

Of course, if he were actually DOING HIS JOB and trying to bring more jobs to our area, there would be fewer people for him to despise for free loading. Right? And if he were doing his job, people wouldn’t need to go out of county to work.  Almost 80% of my friends and neighbors work OUT of Cocke County because a job in a fast-food restaurant or other minimum wage position just won’t cut it.

If you receive any type of government assistance like SNAP, disability, WIC, Tenn Care, etc. and you voted for or are planning to vote for Jeremy Faison… you’re shooting yourself and your family in the foot. The loyalty you’re showing him is NOT reciprocated. He hasn’t done much to help you help yourself and actually holds contempt for those of you needing help.

Ask Jeremy what 3 things he’s done to help those in Cocke County help themselves…Ask him what he’s done to bring jobs into the area, or to improve our education system, or what he’s done to help the NUMEROUS uninsured sick people here.

Jeremy is all for lower taxes and smaller government and especially personal responsibility.

The FACT of the matter is, when  politicians boast about “lower taxes” they aren’t talking about us, the little guy, they are talking about the corporations. Lower corporate taxes are NOT helping us, they helping us stay at the top of the list as one of the poorest states in the nation. The wealth doesn’t trickle down, it never has. The FACT that corporations are raking in RECORD profits while wages are stagnant is proof of this. Politicians pushing for lower corporate taxes are not working FOR the people!

A strong tax base is necessary for a prosperous state.  Our state  takes more in federal dollars than we give back. The revenue we take in can not support what we have let alone any improvements. So for all of his talk about “smaller government” the people of Cocke County would be screwed without the help of the federal government.

Ask Jeremy how he would generate revenue to feed the 11,000+ people on food stamps without the help of the federal government. Go ahead, I dare you. Ask him.

When politicians speak of smaller government, they are usually referring to less government regulation for big corporations that don’t want to pay their fair share in taxes, want little or no restrictions on how they treat our environment and natural resources and little or no regulation on how they treat their employees.

wolfThe whole “business friendly” bullshit that Jeremy and his cronies in Nashville spout about, is a distraction from the real issues. They pass laws that allow corporations to operate in our state for dirt cheap, making us one of the most “business friendly states in the country”, but at the same time we win the prize for the LOWEST wages in the country! This isn’t an opinion, it is a VERIFIABLE fact and they count on YOUR ignorance and lack of knowledge to get away with it. And Jeremy counts on the loyalty and trust of his community to further this agenda.

This ideology is KEEPING Cocke County and the rest of the district seeped in POVERTY and suffering. THAT’S A FACT.  Jeremy works FOR US, NOT for the corporations that throw money at him for campaign contributions.

The next time you hear Jeremy brag about his Bush Brothers & Company deal, ask him how much it cost the people of Tennessee and HOLD him to his answer. THEN verify it.

While I’m on this subject, I encourage you to research what “Right to Work” really means. Put aside everything you’ve been told by the politicians who told you this was a good thing for you and for a moment, and with an open mind go and see for yourself how calling something “Right to Work” is anything but GOOD for WE THE PEOPLE.  Be sure to look at the opposing views on this issue and compare it to the conditions here in Tennessee. I have nothing to gain by encouraging you to think for yourself… but the politicians and their corporate masters have PLENTY to lose when you do!

With regards to taxes, WE THE PEOPLE are still paying MORE than our fair share, including 9.75% on FOOD.  OF the 9 states that collect tax on groceries Tennessee has the HIGHEST rate.  Talk about sacrificing yourself to predator politicians. I’m still waiting for Jeremy to fight that battle as hard as he fought for the gun lobby on NON EXISTENT ISSUES.

nra-PuppettsFaison is known for his rabid pro-gun stance and he’s a hero with the NRA. He fights REALLY REALLY hard to protect his constituents from an issue that DOESN’T EXIST.  No one is trying to take your guns. Obama has NEVER said he was coming for your guns and after 6 and half YEARS, the rhetoric coming from the paranoid, predator politicians, who use this issue to distract low information voters is now stale. Even the dumbest, most paranoid, bunker dwellers know this. The few crazy Liberal politicians that suggested it after the Sandy Hook massacre were shut down quicker than they had time to even talk about it, but that didn’t stop Jeremy from going on a disinformation campaign using conspiracy theories and debunked information. He went balls to the wall on gun rights, because we need as much freedom as possible when it comes to guns. AS MUCH as possible. Never mind that in ALL polls over 80% and in some polls 90% of the AMERICAN people want safer, ENFORCEABLE, sensible, gun legislation to keep their families from being the victim of a gun free-for-all that is costing thousands of innocent lives each year. Almost everyone I spoke to in Cocke County about this issue agreed with the exception of a few who are still waiting on those Obama FEMA camps and microchips.

Jeremy has put his heart and Christian soul into making sure everyone can have guns.

This issue has added 0 Jobs, has done NOTHING to improve our health care, pill and meth addiction crisis, or improve our education system here in Cocke County, and since any type of required training in the proper and safe handling of guns might infringe the right to bear arms, screw education. Jeremy joins an ever-growing list of NRA backed sell-outs who blatantly distort the Constitution he claims to revere in order to SELL GUNS for a campaign contribution. PERIOD.

Seriously, aside from what Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity and the other main stream media shills have told you,  what bills have been presented to ban responsible, law-abiding citizen from owning a gun?  I’ll wait right here while you go and check that. Or, I’ll tell you how many.  ZERO. The problem doesn’t exist.  It’s another non-issue used to distract you. And it worked.

nraWe’ve now got gun legislation that not only expands everyone’s right to have a gun in their car, something that responsible, people with concealed carry permits were ALREADY allowed to do, but it NOW includes the meth and crack heads with no felony record or conviction, the domestic abuser who has no restrictions, the stalkers, the mentally ill, and anyone who basically shouldn’t have a gun, but just hasn’t been convicted of a felony or had his right to bear arms revoked by a court of law.  So now, when you’re driving down the road, you have to hope that an individual who is taking FULL advantage of this new freedom, isn’t going to go all road rage on you for cutting him off, or that some crack head looking for a victim isn’t going to just shoot first. The only thing this law managed to do is to make the rest of us who are responsible enough to own guns legally, constantly worry about those who have no business with them, but because they’ve not had their privileges revoked via felony conviction or the like, they can now keep a gun in their car at anytime .  Not to mention, the massive amount of risk added to our already targeted police officers dealing with a new wave of anti-police rhetoric thanks to people like Jeremy Faison and those he supports i.e. Alex Jones, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the other anti-police loud mouths.

TinFoilHatAreaOnlyWhile Jeremy was patting himself on the back about his success at outsmarting those invisible, Liberal, ninja, gun-takers (that don’t exist) you stopped thinking about his lack of action on jobs, education, and health care. But you do have the right to have a gun in your car to make your commute to your non-existent, or low wage job, in total paranoia about a problem that DOES NOT EXIST.  How many people have been shot, in Tennessee, on their way to work in the last 10 years?

Does Jeremy hand out free tin-foil hats at his campaign events?

I feel safer already. And Whoooo Wheeee! These guns SURE do taste good!!! I’m still having a hard time finding a job outside of law-enforcement, armed security, or the military where my gun will actually help me gain employment. On the upside, the accidental shootings will keep those in healthcare busy. Victims with no job or Tenn Care will just have to suck it up because our District Representative, Jeremy Faison, doesn’t like free healthcare OR slackers.  Just throw some peroxide and a band-aid on it and it’ll be fine and this should be no excuse for you not to find a job.

Well done Jeremy, well done. You sure improved ALL of our lives with that one!

That’s not all.

Jeremy has stood with his other “Conservative” buddies in denying ALL Tennessee residents affordable health care.  Again, he regurgitates DUBUNKED information and conspiracy theories and counts on your ignorance to support his stance in preventing YOU and YOUR FAMILY from having access to much-needed, affordable health care. But at the same time, he despises you for taking government handouts like FREE health care via Tenn Care IF you’re poor enough to qualify.

Of course, uninsured people using the local emergency room as a clinic that WE THE PEOPLE pay for anyway, is a much better alternative than having a family doctor for preventative care and health maintenance or specialized care for cancer, or other life destroying illnesses. Of the 95 counties in Tennessee, Cocke County is ranked 85th on the list for health. (Source)

Yea, we don’t need affordable healthcare.

On one hand Jeremy thinks freeloaders suck, and if you don’t have healthcare get a job because taxpayers shouldn’t pay for those slackers who are too lazy to work or find a job that provides benefits. On the other hand, he doesn’t believe the government should make you responsible for your healthcare by making it affordable.  Yea, the Insurance companies can’t stick it up our asses anymore, but hey… making sure everyone is healthy is SOCIALISM! Doncha know!  Like I said, I don’t know which version of Christianity he and his cronies distort to fit those beliefs, but they aren’t fooling me.

myth-debunked-001His decision to vote against expanding Medicaid is not only fiscally irresponsible for the state of Tennessee, it’s costing lives. MOST of what you have been told by conservative politicians about the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare is NOT TRUE.  I implore you to do your research, ask questions, send me an email if you want, but STOP TAKING THEM AT THEIR WORD, they are lying to you and keeping you and your family from the health care you as a human being are ENTITLED too!  If they can fight for multi-billion dollar corporations to avoid paying taxes, they can damn well make sure that YOU have quality health care. It’s your CONSTITUTIONAL right…FIGHT FOR IT! And stop believing the lies they are telling you in order to protect their corporate masters. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  Click here to see some of the myths about Obamacare – The Affordable Care Act debunked.  

Note- is a non partisan fact checking site sponsored by the Annenburg Public Policy Center. 

I was unable to find any significant achievements that bettered the lives of those who live in Cocke County during Jeremy’s time in office. Don’t take my word for it… click here to actually see what Jeremy has done to put food on your table, create jobs, improve the education choices in his district, and make a way for affordable healthcare, etc.  If I’ve missed something, please feel free to share it with me and after verification, I’ll GLADLY share it.

The bottom line is this. Jeremy moved to Cocke County from Florida in 2006. He only sees many of the people of Cocke County as slackers and free loaders. He assumes that ALL of the people here are ignorant and that’ll make it easy to continue taking advantage of those who trust him.  Jeremy is a predator politician who exploits the loyalty and trust of his community to further his own agenda.

Personally, I care about my family and friends more than I care about his political agenda and I want my community to be a well-informed, well-educated, prosperous one. That’s MY agenda.

I’m not voting for Jeremy. He didn’t earn nor does he deserve my vote.

It’s UNACCEPTABLE for ONE FOURTH of the people in my town to LIVE IN POVERTY! The people of Cocke County deserve way better and although it may take some time for those of us who care to convince and reeducate those who have been misled, we’re going to look out for our own and rid ourselves, once and for all, of the predator politicians who keep the people of Cocke County in this situation.

In fairness, if Jeremy has a response to any of the things I’ve written here, I’ll gladly publish them ONCE the information he gives has been VERIFIED FACTUAL and unlike Jeremy, I’ll provide the source of my information.  I’ll gladly allow him to rebut any of the things I’ve taken issue with.

If you have questions, comments or would like to add to this essay, please email me at


Dumbed Down and Fired Up – Politics in the South

I’ve got some bad news for my Southern friends who long for “the good ole’ days”.

The South is not going to rise again.

At least not at the rate things are going now.

And the way I see it, they’ve only got themselves to blame. In this day and age, with vast amounts of verifiable information at ones fingertips, there’s simply no excuse for people to remain ignorant. None.

Contrary to what you might see on reality television shows like Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty, the south is not full of a bunch of toothless, ignorant, hillbillies, and rednecks wearing rebel flag tee-shirts with brass jack-balls dangling from the back of their pickup trucks.  There are actually quite a few educated, well informed, open-minded folks here. Many have college educations and surprisingly, some of the smartest and open-minded among them, don’t.

As always, as is any area, it is the least educated who are targeted and exploited by predator politicians. They prey on the most vulnerable people via their emotions, using fear to keep them living in poverty and suffering while convincing them that it’s their patriotic duty to do so. They use their love of God, country, and family against them while they continue to keep them from the prosperity they’ve rightfully earned for over 2 centuries. And sadly, they’ve convinced these same people that it’s what’s best for them.

Southerners are incredible people. They have an iron resolve and an ability to get through crisis and hardship unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, when the going gets tough they don’t hesitate to reach out and help others.

They’ll “bless your heart” and send you on your way with whatever it is you need regardless if they like you or not. They’re polite and hospitable. It’s engrained in them and that’s not a bad thing. It’s’ what Southerners are known for.

I’ve learned that Southerners are fiercely loyal to their families, their churches, and their communities. Southerners are very resourceful and utilize everything they have in one way or another and although you won’t find a bunch of Harvard M.B.A.’s sitting on their front porches as you drive down the road, the people you do meet have generation’s worth of knowledge that can’t be found in any books.  

I once spent two hours with an elderly neighbor and came away with more knowledge about tomato plants than I would have had I taken a horticulture class.  And since then, my garden has done fabulous! 

My gosh, some of these folks could solve the food shortage, agriculture, irrigation and other related problems in the world in about 3 hours if politicians would just come pull up a chair and sit on the front porch for a few hours and LISTEN.

And THAT’S the problem.

The politicians in these southern states arrogantly believe that they are actually smarter than some of these people, when in reality, they aren’t. They’ve scared their constituency into submission and compliance even to the point of convincing them to make choices that work against the best interest of themselves and their families using misinformation and outright lies. They’ve turned them against their neighbors and friends in an effort to convince them that those that think differently are their enemy. In reality, it is the politicians that are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I’ve talked to my southern friends, but more importantly, I’ve listened. I hear the fear that’s been instilled in them through TV pundits, preachers, and politicians that diabolically use certain issues to distract these people while they ravage everything they hold dear.

The politicians in the south have exploited the fears and ignorance of some of these people to the point of ALMOST no return. They have robbed them of prosperity and security by using the things they love the most against them.

They’ve scared them into believing that if they don’t do it the way they tell them to do it, the bad guys on the “other side” are going to change things SO drastically that life will NEVER be the same and they’ll lose everything they’ve ever loved and while they’re telling them this and distracting them with issues that emotionally fire them up, they’re slowly losing everything to the same predator politicians who keep warning of impending doom.

Fire ‘Em Up!

Predator politicians in the south know how to play their constituency like a well-tuned violin. They ALWAYS come armed with a Bible. ALWAYS. They know that the BEST way to get the God fearing folks in their Bible-Belt districts emotionally fired up is to use religion. And they have it down to a science. 

The best way to control people is by PREVENTING them from gaining too much knowledge. True believers KNOW that God can NOT be taken from them! The smart ones KNOW that they are allowed to pray in school or wherever they want, they know their God hears them wherever they are, but the politicians prey on the ignorant and emotionally vulnerable ones and make them think that big government wants to remove God from their lives. They dumb them down and emotionally fire them up with sensitive issues like religion and while the people are “defending” rights that need no defending, these predators are stripping them of rights or imposing laws that will impact them in more ways than they’ve been told.

The politicians in southern states have degraded the public education systems so bad, that they now rank at the bottom of the list. The teachers grow increasingly frustrated at the bizarre, unproven methods and requirements politicians are pushing through as laws. Not to mention the extreme cuts to one of the most important and crucial items a country invests in. Education.  The predator politicians in these states exploit the ignorance and religious devotion of their constituency to convince them that a non-existent, evil, Liberal entity wants to fill their kids’ heads with secular ideas. The educated Christians among their constituency KNOWS how important it is for our children to be educated about both secular and spiritual things. Thus the reason why they fight to keep religious teaching out of public schools. They do NOT want these predator politicians indoctrinating our kids with THEIR choice of religious teachings. They believe that should be done at home and at church. These predator politicians convince the emotionally vulnerable that Liberals are trying to take God out of schools, emotionally firing them up and distracting them,  while they pass educational legislation that is proving to be garbage. They accomplish this by making their constituency believe that they’re looking out for your children and others are not. Of course, they hold the Bible in one hand while they do it and for the vulnerable, that’s all they need. No verification necessary.  

The next time politicians raise an issue like chiseling the words “In God We Trust” above a small town courthouse or something similar, stop and take a moment to research what legislation your politicians are trying to pass. What are they distracting you from? The last time this happened, Tennessee politicians passed “Right to Work” laws.   (I’ll let the educated among you research the FACTS on THAT legislation!)

Educated Christians AND politicians KNOW that the attempt to chisel religious anything above a public building is un-Constitutional. They also know that this doesn’t affect their faith OR the power of God, but the less educated, emotionally driven, get hostile and are instantly distracted by the fight to “save their rights”.  They truly believe that this issue will somehow impact their ability to believe or worship their God OR restrict His power, when in reality, it hasn’t had an effect on them since the building was built some 70 years ago. The politicians took advantage of their ignorance and riled them up to distract them from the important issue and they took the bait. In the end, they lost on both sides.  They’ve now become slaves to “Right to Work” laws AND chiseling religious slogans on public buildings is in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution which ANY elected official of a governing body, ESPECIALLY a county/city municipality COURT HOUSE, WOULD KNOW. They’ll waste thousands of dollars of hard earned, tax payer dollars fighting a lawsuit that they’re going to lose.  Ignorance and emotion.

Voting Against Their Own Interests to the Point of Peril

These same southern, conservative politicians have convinced their constituency that public assistance, like food stamps, health care, unemployment benefits, etc. are BAD and are creating dependency in our nation. They’ve conditioned them to believe that those that receive welfare are “Welfare Queens” and minority bums or immigrants come here to take our jobs and live free off of the system. Fox News drones on about how bleeding heart Liberals continue to give “handouts” to lazy people who refuse to work. They’ve convinced these folks that the reason they’re stuck in poverty and suffering is because of the welfare state the Liberals have created.

Try and explain to a Fox News educated Southerner whose been conditioned to believe the above that the reality of the situation is that white people in RED states receive the HIGHEST amount of federal welfare in this country.

Go ahead, try it.

Try and show them the data that proves that the southern states are the least educated, most obese, most drug addicted, have the highest rate of teen pregnancy and repeat teen pregnancy, highest meth addiction, most violent, most unhealthy, highest unemployment rates, worst health care, lowest education scores, etc. and they will fight you like a rabid dog and accuse you of lying. The predator politicians have conditioned them to actually VOTE AGAINST benefits that sustain them and their families!! And they CHEER them on while doing it!!

While much of the nation is enjoying access to affordable healthcare for the first time, the uneducated in the southern states are still parroting Fox News talking points that were debunked months ago while their friends and family go without necessary care. HUNDREDS of people are dying as a result and MILLIONS of dollars are being lost. This is fiscal responsibility and caring? BUT, a predator politician wrapped in a flag, carrying a Bible told them so and Fox News confirmed it. So they believe it.  Damn the facts and Damn the reality.

They have no clue that it is their own children that will go hungry and without decent healthcare because they supported the guy that wanted to cut those programs. In fact, they’re even cheering him on. In the end, when it’s time to pay the price, they’ll blame those of us who tried to help them.

Knowing how emotionally and mentally vulnerable the people are, these politicians and their media propaganda machines like Fox News, Brietbart, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck fill their heads with misinformation and turn them against the very neighbors and friends who want to make them see how they’re being exploited and taken advantage of. But right now, the guy on TV has more power than those of us who sincerely care about what happens to them and until they realize that, we’ll sit back and watch helplessly and even be viewed as enemies by some.   

The politicians wearing their religion on their sleeves, saying all the right things about guns, glory, family and faith up on the podium have convinced them that THEY care about what happens and that the poverty and suffering and sacrifice they’re asking of their constituency is necessary for a brighter future. A future that never seems to come. Ever.

I no longer try and convince my conservative neighbors and friends that the “conservative” politicians are neither conservative NOR working in their favor. I no longer try and convince them by showing them actual data and facts that they are being lied to with fake data and made up facts. They simply don’t want to hear it. They’d rather hang on to the fear and hate who the guy on TV or in the podium or pulpit told them to hate.  The change is too scary.  It’s always been this way.

I pity the politicians, the fake preachers, and the pundits on the day these people finally do realize how they’ve been exploited and used.

OH, how I pity the politicians in office that day. The liars, the cheats, the corporate shills, and false prophets all of them. How I pity them when these folks FINALLY wake up and realize what’s been taken from them.

On that day, I believe the south WILL rise again.  And our country and our people will finally be a better place because of it.