Southern Blueberry is a sounding board for progressives and moderates residing in the south. Although our views tend to lean more to the middle/left we look at the issues with an open mind and form our opinions and responses based on FACTS.

The blog was created by alter-ego Towanda, a progressive radio talk-show host who resides in East Tennessee with her family and a whole bunch of critters.  Not unlike many of those who come here to attack her, she loves to garden, spend time with her family, participate in bettering her community and lend a helping hand to a neighbor or friend in need.  Towanda is part of a military family and takes pride in knowing that her family members serve their country.  She’s employed, educated, and doesn’t take government handouts. She doesn’t begrudge those that need them though and fights to make sure that those in need have a voice.

After years of watching her neighbors and friends absorb the disinformation, conspiracy theories and flat out lies of the politicians that claim to care for them, but keep them seeped in poverty year-after-year, Towanda decided to start a forum where she could try to de-program those she cares about and reeducate them with facts, empowering them to take charge of their community and shed the “low information voter” label that predator politicians exploit.

Towanda sincerely hopes that those who come in contact with this blog realize that unlike the politicians her friends and neighbors give their undying loyalty too, she has no agenda other than to see them live prosperous, healthy, well educated lives.  Unlike the politicians, she cares about her neighbors and her town.