Tea Party Declares Start of Revolution – Ambushes & Murders Cops

So this is what it’s come too.

A group of people so dumbed down and emotionally fired up by extreme, right-wing politics that no one is safe. Not even the police.

YEA, I’m going to go there. IF you don’t like it… too bad. YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Representatives of the Tea Party entered a CiCi’s Pizza in Las Vegas, NV yesterday where they shot and killed two police officers in an ambush while the officers were having lunch. The Tea Party members stripped the officers of their weapons and ammo, laid the Gadsden flag over the officers bodies, the symbol used by the Tea Party, and told a witness “Tell the police the revolution has begun”.

The killers then proceeded to a Wal-Mart across the street where they killed an innocent woman. Unconfirmed reports are saying that the woman may have been carrying a concealed weapon and may have attempted to stop these “patriots” albeit, unsuccessfully.

Two innocent officers. Working their shifts. Minding their business. Dead.

Two wives left widows. Four children left fatherless. Two sets of parents grieving the loss of a son. And a community with two less selfless protectors. Two less heroes.

Not to mention the family of the innocent woman who may herself be a hero for trying to stop the bad guys.

In the meantime, the nation will fix its attention on Las Vegas while the media drones on about another mass shooting. The third or fourth in as many days. I don’t know, I lost count. The gun-nuts will be out in full force with their “more guns would prevent this” bullshit, totally ignoring the fact that the one person who may have been carrying a concealed weapon in this situation was shot and killed by the bad guys.

The law enforcement community will mourn the senseless loss of two of their own while they scramble to put even MORE safety procedures into place to prevent the loss of any more. And the corporate controlled media will continue to “inform” the rest of us about how we’re becoming a “police state”.


The idiots are too stupid to realize that when police are ambushed while having lunch, and “patriots” gather at ranches to line their women and children up in front of federal agents hoping for a fire fight on TV, and more “patriots” call for an overthrow of the U.S government in Washington i.e. Operation American Spring and Tea Party/GOP politicians spew constant lies and misinformation about the president and government and their followers are too stupid to fact check…this is what you get. The hate and ignorance that comes from the conservative/right/Tea-Party is ASS NUMBING. And I’m SICK and TIRED of it. I have no more tolerance for the hate or the ignorance. NONE. When you ambush the police, expect a response. When you have more bad guys with guns, more mentally ill with guns, more mass shootings, more violent, anti-police rhetoric, being spewed from TV news pundits and politicians…YOU GET MORE POLICE RESPONSE. Are people REALLY that stupid? I guess they are.

The ignorant among us are already out in full force on the Internet news threads and social sites. They’ve got their Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck talking points all ready for the fight! For those that support these anti-police fucktards, do you have ANY idea what this country would be like without police? Hmmm? You think you and your open carry, big-gun, bad ass wannabe selves can handle it all huh? I’d give you ONE NIGHT without law enforcement and you’d all be curled up in a ball crying like sissies.

I’ve recently seen a few local law enforcement officers posting articles and memes in favor of Tea Party politicians. I’ll bet you’re really proud of that support now huh? You might be a nice person to talk too, and on the surface you do all the right things, but personally, I think you’re too stupid to wear a badge. If you can be conditioned to hate without verifying the things you believe before you believe them, then friends, you have NO BUSINESS being in law enforcement and the fact that you support the same politicians that these “revolutionaries” represent makes me VERY uneasy. I’m sure members of the public would feel the same way.
The extreme right wing politicians in this country have created this mess and in my eyes, the line has been drawn. Are you going to continue to allow yourselves to be used to further a political agenda that has brought our nation to this point? ARE YOU?

It’s NOT OK to ambush the police because your political party lost elections. It’s NOT OK to hold our economy, our Veterans care, our jobs, or our progress hostage because YOU don’t like the man in the White House and it’s NOT OK to keep exploiting the ignorance of your constituency to divide and destroy our great country. It’s not OK to disregard the United States Constitution with regards to separation of church and state or violating a woman’s right to choose what’s best for her body. It’s NOT OK to tell people who they can love or marry because YOU don’t agree with it. It’s not OK to FORCE your ideology on the rest of us because the majority of us know that those of you trying to force it on us don’t live it yourselves, you use it to emotionally control the people who vote for you. We’re not all exploitable. It’s NOT OK to disregard our concerns for safety with regards to out-of-control gun violence, IT’S NOT OK TO SELL OUR GOVERNMENT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER (all politicians) and it’s not OK for elected representatives to encourage or support the overthrow of the United States government OR violence against our police simply because YOU LOST AN ELECTION. IT’S NOT OK. And we’re going to show you how NOT OK it isn’t come November and again in 2016. Enough is enough of your extremism.

I’m simply warning those of you who favor right-wing, Tea Party politics… I don’t want to hear one word of your anti-Obama, anti-Liberal, hate-filled, misinformed, illiterate, vile, bullshit. Just shut up. Keep your comments to yourself. I’m all done listening to your point of view. What you think or believe isn’t relevant any longer. Just go away.





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