Welcome to Southern Blueberry

Welcome to Southern Blueberry!

This blog blog is simply a way for me to express my opinions and vent my frustrations about the politics, people, religion, and other things I experience as a Liberal Woman living in a Red state. Every now and then, when I’m in a good mood, I might add a few pleasantries like pictures, recipes, and other things I find inspiring or amusing.

freespeechFor the most part this blog discusses politics and current events. You’re welcome to participate and offer your opinions, but be warned, I have little patience for the typical Southern Conservative point of view. If you’re bold enough to share, be smart enough to have credible sources to back up your claims. If you’re just expressing an opinion, do it respectfully as I reserve the right to ban you for any behavior or comments I deem unfit for this little slice of the Internet. Free Speech is respected, but it comes with consequences on this blog.

If you’re a Liberal woman, please feel free to join me! There’s so few of us in the south with courage enough to speak our minds with regards to the politics of the region. Of course, men are welcome too! 


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