Overthrowing the U.S. Government…

  To the Mental Midgets Who Support Overthrowing the US Government.

I received an email today from a group that referred to themselves as Conservative Infidels. Conservative Idiots is more like it. They’re circulating an article that states:  14 Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obama’s Rogue Federal Forces. I’ve reached my limit with these wackos and those who follow them. Our government is not perfect, but these morons fail to inform their uneducated followers what life would be like without it. If you’re one of the people who agree with this seditious mentality, UNFRIEND ME. I want nothing to do with people who think it’s OK to overthrow the US government simply because they don’t like the president. I do NOT want friends like you. Period. And the following is my response to those who agree with this treasonous ANTI-AMERICAN attitude.



In response to the right-wing extremists in favor of overthrowing the U.S. government. 


specialstupidWhile you’re all planning the next revolution, be sure to inform those that participate that should it ever really happen (doubtful), they’ll all need to figure out how they’re going to live without their monthly SSI, Food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare, WIC and all of the other social services a good number of these “patriots” depend on. Your emotional call for an uprising sounds good until people have to eat and feed their families and the fact of the matter is, YOU CAN’T EAT GUNS. 


I hope those of you that have bunkers and a stock pile have plenty to go around. What you FAIL to realize is that life as you know it, with all of the conveniences like Wal-Mart Super center, McDonalds, ATM machines, SNAP cards, free clinics, etc.  will come to an abrupt halt. Read the story “Surviving Argentina”  where the author actually lived through a similar scenario (economic collapse in 2001). The author describes how NO ONE was prepared for the EXTREME suffering that followed.  NO ONE. Keep that in mind as you cheer on your favorite Republican representatives who continuously try to destroy our economy because they hate Obama. READ what actually happens in a developed country that collapses. Go ahead, I dare you! And if you STILL support them, then YOU are part of the problem and you deserve every single second of the suffering that would come your way should they succeed.




Of the 300 million people in this nation, approximately a fourth are kids under the age of 18, over 39 percent are over the age of 65. Of the roughly 36% that are left approximately half are women. If you offer daycare, they could possibly be persuaded to join your little posse. Having 100 million people join your seditious movement is just nothing but psychotic wishful thinking. You’ll be lucky to get a few thousand.  Also, if you honestly think the majority of our military are going to give up a PAYING job that feeds their families to join your bat-shit crazy movement, then you need serious psychiatric help. You really believe that the majority of our armed forces i.e. enlisted and officers are going to participate in your act of sedition and give up a paying job plus the benefits, with the greatest military on the planet to join a bunch of douche bags that think they can over throw the US Government?  Yea… I’m sure they’re lining up to join you.  But let me ask you…Do you have BILLIONS of dollars to support all of these people? Jobs to offer? Homes to live in once they are evicted for non-payment? Not to mention the BILLIONS it would take to maintain the aircraft carriers, war ships, tanks, fighter jets, bases, and other military related items? I sure hope you bought a LOT of that gold Glenn Beck was peddling. I mean a REALLY lot or do you plan to use your little gang of patriots to overthrow Fort Knox and a few banks to support this mission? 


Since  the majority of Americans oppose your ideology you’ll need BILLIONS to fight the banks and money men. Why would banks and businesses give up what they have to join you in anarchy and starvation? You think the Koch brothers and other money men behind your little tea party are going to let you just over throw the government and then take charge OR let you keep your guns??? WTF are you people smoking??  It’s easy to be an action movie bad-ass wannabe from behind a monitor, but all of your prepping and howling to one another still won’t change the fact that the majority of those who would participate would be unable to contain the sheer chaos that would follow. You’d get to see a revolution first hand when the MAJORITY of Americans come after YOU when you and your little posse are unable to feed, house, and provide medical attention to  the tens of millions of people you’ll now be responsible for.  YES, YOU’LL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THEM.  Our government may have issues, but try living without it. Have any of you mental midgets even though that far ahead? What’s your plan for rebuilding the nation after you’ve torn it down and how exactly will you prevent those that oppose you from overthrowing you? Will you uphold the Constitution as it stands or will you change it to fit your ideology? You know what I mean… things like:


– Only WHITE  men can be President

– 2nd Amendment trumps all others except in cases where people disagree with you or for liberals and Democrats and ESPECIALLY gays and people of color. They are not afforded the same rights as they are less than human.

– No separation of Church and State – the new national model will be like Afghanistan and will be Christian ONLY (one of your little group can pick which of the 33,000+ sects we’ll all be required to follow)

– Only people that agree with YOU can speak freely. All others will be jailed or executed along with the gays, blacks, immigrants, and women who made their own choices.

– No free liberal press. Fox New will be the official news source of the country with Brietbart in charge of newspapers. No liberal or opposing views and definitely NO FACTS. Emotional propaganda only. This goes for all educational material as well… everyone will get a revised bible and that’s the new master book for all schools.

– No healthcare for anyone except white, southerners since they signed up in droves, they must like it. Everywhere else it’s considered socialism.

– Voting is reserved for conservatives and tea-party members only and only the white ones.

Since you’re so anti-government I guess we won’t need things like the EPA, FDA, BOE, FEMA, and ESPECIALLY the IRS! Abolish all of them, because you and your boys will handle things. Taxes? We don’t need no stinking taxes… all of this shit just pays for itself. Of course since you so gallantly defend the corporations that have exploited your ignorance, maybe you can make a law requiring them to share some of the TRILLIONS they have hidden in offshore accounts, otherwise, you can just make ALL of the states “Right-to-Work” and work the shit out of everyone until they die…even the kids so long as they’re over 8 years old. By restricting birth control, you’re sure to have a work force for years to come. They can handle all of those functions the nasty government used to do. How they’ll eat is their problem and living arrangements can be made in all of those “FEMA Death Camps” we’ve been hearing about for 6 years. See, they’ll come in handy.

And you wonder why you’ve become outcasts in your own country… pack your guns and your MRE’s and GTFO if you don’t like it. Otherwise, be prepared to get the shit kicked out of you by the MAJORITY of Americans who would never allow such an act against OUR country simply because you don’t like the color of the skin of the guy in the White House. Idiots.  From this point on, you’re irrelevant and you’ll be treated as such…


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